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The Bottom Line Liberia platform constitutes a service offered by the Liberia Diaspora Community Media Network (LDCMN).

Our vision is to establish a vibrant and dynamic platform that mirrors the diversity of the Liberian community in the Diaspora and acts as a catalyst for positive change.

In today’s interconnected world, media plays a pivotal role in shaping perspectives, disseminating information, and fostering societal progress. The  Liberia Diaspora Community Media Network (LDCMN) stands as a beacon of  empowerment, aiming to amplify voices, cultivate unity, and promote socio-cultural exchange within the Liberian Diaspora community.

By encouraging active participation, inclusive decision-making, and civic responsibility, 


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Talk Shows

Delving into Trending issues
Delving into Trending issues
The Bottom Line Liberia Livestream Discussion
  • The Bottom Line Liberia Livestream Discussion

    The Bottom Line Liberia Livestream Discussion

    Jul 21, 2024 • 2:04:05


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Join us on The Bottom Line Liberia where we dissect and debate all the hot topics and trending issues in our community. Let’s dive into the discussions that matters most to us.